Monday, May 30, 2011

A Wilmington Island Wedding


What a fickle lady Savannah is when it comes to figuring out the weather. Blooms at outdoor weddings are truly at the mercy of the sun, humidity and temperature. At 2PM on Saturday, the weather showed 90 degrees with a heat index of 97. Yikes! But as the sky grew a little darker and a cold front approached, the temperature dropped to the low 80s and the rain held. Hooray!

If you're planning an outdoor wedding anywhere in the south, you truly need a backup plan ( a tent on reserve or some sort of indoor rain option). If rain is nowhere in sight but blistering sun and rising temperatures are, always remember to hydrate yourselves and your guests.

Have decorative bottles of water as wedding favors in an iced tub nearby or perhaps a signature drink as well. You'll all be glad you did. Your flowers need the same type of consideration. If your blooms are being used for pre-wedding photos, do your best to place them either in your wedding venue's cooler (ie. walk-in) or place them in water in the shade.

These little preparations will help not only your flowers from wilting but also the bride, groom and their guests.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Style Me Pretty's Little-Black-Book


I wish I could lay claim to these beautiful images above (or at least be lying on the beach where they were taken). This wedding of The Moorings Village shoot was featured on Style Me Pretty, the ultimate wedding blog.

I hope to have the chance, in the near future to claim this accolade, but in the meantime, I'm thrilled to have been invited to join Style Me Pretty's Little-Black-Book. Their vendors are hand picked and carefully selected and I'm so excited to be joining the ranks of such a lovely site!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Saturday's Wedding & Some Plant Facts


I absolutely loved working with the fragrant white peonies and lush vintage roses. These flowers remind me very much of my garden growing up in New York. The peonies seemed to pop open like popcorn and my sister and I would diligently sit and pick the ants off of the buds.

"Ants are attracted to the sweet resin exuded on the flower buds, but it's a long-standing, popular, even benevolent myth that they "tickle the buds" or "lick the sugar" to help the buds open. They would open regardless of the ants' presence (these are the same ants that would benevolently tickle the food at the average picnic)." (Garden Opus)

White tulips are always a favorite, as is the peppery white stock. Some of the greenery included Queen Anne's Lace which I was certain was related to dill because of it's dill-like scent . It turns out I was right; they are in fact in neighboring families. I don't recommend eating it (which I did), because that's where the similarities end.

Upon further research, I found that the variety I had was actually Ammi visnaga or, false queen anne's lace (bisnaga) because mine flowered green rather than the typical white and yellow I'd see growing along the sides of the roads in Ohio.
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