Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sarah Marie Photos: Savannah Style


Now here's an amazing wedding photographer that I hope to have the pleasure of working with again. Sarah Marie's style is fresh and extremely classic at the same time. Each image could easily grace the page of a high fashion bridal mag.

Based out of Birmingham, Alabama, Sarah and her husband make quite the team. They love to travel and are *so* easy to work with. As a bride, it's really important that you hit it off with your vendors. You want to feel both confident and comfortable with your wedding professional. It's even better when your bridal vendors work well together:

"Our flowers were done by Anissa at Urban Poppy. Wow. I love her and her style. She is one of the sweetest people I have ever worked with. I had a very specific idea of what I wanted the flowers to look like, but I had no idea how to explain it. Anissa knew what I wanted, without me being able to communicate it, and they turned out perfect. She is so creative and I hope I get to work lots more with her. She even let us use the birdcage veil that Ali wears in the shoot, she made it for her own wedding. I loved it." { Sarah }

{ photos courtesy of Sarah Marie Photos }

Tying the Knot: Photos by inkBREW


Sunshine Monica, creator of inkBREW captured Carolyn and Daniel's fun side. Their whimsical nature shines through each image. In Sunshine's own words:

"This weekend I had the honor to photograph one of my favorite couples and long time friends, Carolyn and Daniel. They had a beautiful hand crafted wedding at a historic mansion in our downtown area; the two of them are quite the artists and built their own centerpieces, feather hair pieces and they illustrated their invitations. One of my favorite pieces were the silver wedding bands that Daniel made."

I loved the playful attitude the wedding party exhibited in this shoot as well as the striking color combinations of black, midnight blue and of course flowers of brights reds and oranges:

"The flowers were absolutely amazing! I couldn't believe how colorful they were! Love, love! They especially made the photos pop."

{ photos courtesy of inkBREW }

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Carolyn & Daniel's Wedding


I had the honor of creating the bouquets for Carolyn & Daniel for their wedding this past weekend. Carolyn was my neighbor for a little while & took in my kitties whilst they were in distress & I was in Korea. She & Daniel are both creative, fun loving folks which I think was really reflected by the bright & juicy color palette Carolyn chose for the flowers.

A lover of Art Nouveau, the bride chose a rich palette complemented with midnight blue ribbon. It was dark and pouring outside as I was arranging the flowers. February is a risky gray month and bright warm colors are the perfect choice that clearly demonstrate passion, love and joy.
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