Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Morning

I had to check the clock first as soon as I typed the title to see if it was indeed still morning. It is.. for another thirty minutes. Russ just went to return his way-too big Tonka toy of a truck that was a loaner since his is in the shop, but man, it could haul three weddings worth of rentals I'm pretty certain.
Thinking about this odd-in-between weather here in Savannah where Summer and Fall are arm wrestling and neither one seems to have the upper hand.
We're ready for a mountain trip, crisp apples and funky colored gourds and crunchy leaves.. We need a little trip.
The photo above was from an autumnal, colorful photoshoot we did with Mackensey Alexander and Ivory + Beau last year.. It captures the mood I'm in this cloudy, restful Sunday.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Rhythm of Locusts

The sound of locusts, the lulling bedtime of summer ending. I have been thinking in desert mode these past few weeks. We've had our fair share of rain, but there is something sweet and haunting about one season laying down for another. Leaves are falling in the streets, the children have gone back to school and I'm in a southwest space. The quietness of summer has allowed me to dig and plant with dirt under my "why-do-I-EVER-get-a-manicure" nails. In my love for arranging flowers, planting arrangements has been a fun diversion.
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